Working out is very important for people with MS.
After I got diagnosed, I was working out all the time. Anaerobic type of workout, because I still can’t run. I cared about staying in shape, because if you get sore muscles your MS will got worse. Sometimes it was so strange – I could barely walk, but then I’d hit the ground and do 20 push ups. When I started with my workouts, I had to do it without being disturbed, but nowadays I can do it even while I’m cooking lunch, for example.

When I was learning about LDN, I was reading about endorphins and how you get addicted to working out if you do it continuously for 21 days.
I said to myself, “I have to give this a try.” So I started. I had a 26 day streak, without a break. It was in January 2014. During the last two years I haven’t had a break that lasted for more than a week. It really works.

This is what I do:

Warming up –
20 push-ups, legs are on the bed, 10 normal, 10 on fingers
15 biceps with 15 kg (33 lbs) weights
20 crunches
15 triceps with 15 kg (33 lbs) weights
20 squats

Did I feel endorphins?
Yes, and it’s a beautiful feeling. I felt them before, but nowadays I am quite familiar with the feeling.
Of course, there are days when I really want to take a rest, but decide I will make myself only do the tibetans, but after them I find myself on the floor doing the rest of it.
I eventually bought a bar for doing pullups.
In 2014, I did 10 000 pushups, 10 000 chinups, 10 000 crunches, 10 000 squats, 10 000 biceps, 10 000 triceps with 15 kg (33 lbs) weights.
I did the same in 2015.
What?! And I am the one who’s sick? Yeah, maybe sick in the head, but that’s about it.

My kids also sometimes exercise with me. Something like this, but he has more kids than me (still has)

And the message for you all – NEVER GIVE UP


At the end of 2014, I received an email about MS and rock climbing.

Since I was in good shape, I had to try it. I started working out at the beginning of 2015, got really hooked on it and now I’m killing it!

Once, a guy at the climbing hall approached me and we started a conversation. I told him I have Multiple Sclerosis, and he was so startled: “But you look like you can crack a nut with your bare hands… “
I also have a climbing partner, he’s been blind since birth. The funny thing is that we share the same birthday, except I’m seven years older. His name is Marco and he’s a great guy with very good sense of humor. One time a trainer guided him to the toilet, it was dark so the instructor instinctively turned on the lights, he just smiled and said: “Thank you.“
Once the instructors gave me a blindfold to try and climb with it on, like Marco was doing it. I did it bu,t it was so strange. As I came down, and took the blindfold off, I was completely lost and confused.
The next time they gave me the blindfold, we were 20 meters away from the actual climbing rock, and holy crap, that was a much bigger challenge. As I was slowly approaching the rock, I could hear Marco shouting from the top – he already climbed up.

One day in June 2015, we went to climb some rocks outdoors. It was a dream team – two instructors and the three musketeers: a blind guy, a girl with cerebral palsy, and me, the MS guy. We had to climb the peak for 15-20 minutes. The road was very narrow and we had to climb through the bushes and trees. It was really hot that day, over 30°C (86°F), so you can imagine my reaction, having MS. One instructor was guiding the blind guy, the other one the  girl with CP, and I was on all fours, like a dog, also pulling my sports bag with my right hand.
But you know what, I climbed up, and I did it with a smile on my face.


One time my kids also went with me, to see where do I go climbing
They also loved it



In 2016 I did the whole exercize thing again. But now I exluded classic crunches. I did sth new

and ofcourse  planks.

Pushups are nowdays only on fingers.

In 2017 I did the whole exercize thing again. Little less climbing, but I am satisfied…. That damn crazy 21 day.

In 2018 I repeated those 10 000 pushups, 10 000 chinups, 10 000 crunches, 10 000 squats, 10 000 biceps, 10 000 triceps…. And 5 tibetans every morning…

In 2019 I did the whole exercize thing again. And i put something new. As I do tibetans in the morning, I included some Yoga in the evening, Kundalini Yoga to be precise.