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FRIDAY Running errands in the city 2:00 PM returned home in time for lunch Play with Zoja now that she’s recovering well Pick Gita up from daycare Meditate and breathe with Hof 30 push-ups, 10 biceps curls with 20 kg weights, 10 of , 10 triceps curls with 20 kg weights, 15 squats, repeat all three times Kundalini yoga Cold …


sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

8:30 wake up  Meditate and breath with Hof 13 pull-ups Make my juice 13 pull-ups Shave my head 13 pull-ups Cook lunch that the kids simply adore – creamy chicken 13 pull-ups 5 Tibetans 13 pull-ups By noon, I only ate two pieces of bread with salami, and skipped the shower 13:00 lunch Rafael goes to school Playing with Zoja …


sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

8.00 wake up (I can sleep a little longer, since my wife works in the afternoon) Meditate and breath with Hof (sensations are much more powerful right after waking up) Spin powerball for 2 minutes in each hand 5 Tibetans One more spin for 2 minutes in each hand 5 minutes cold shower Breakfast Cook lunch Leisure time Lunch Rafael goes to …


sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

7:00 wake up Make my favourite juice (ingredients: an orange, an apple, a lemon, half of grapefruit, and some ginger) Take Gita to daycare Meditate and breathe with Hof (only) 5 Tibetans Cold shower for 5 minutes Start prepping lunch  (kids wanted beans) Breakfast Leisure time* Lunch Rafael goes to school, Zoja stays at home still sick A 1 hour …


sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

MONDAY 7:00 kids and I wake up (wife is long gone to work) 13 pull-ups Kids having breakfast while I empty the dishwasher (which is not that small) 13 pull-ups Taking the youngest one (Gita) to daycare, Zoja and Rafael are home, sick Come back home 13 pull-ups I lay down and meditate, the second week with and breathe with Hof, while …

Kundalini yoga

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In 2019 I did the whole exercize thing again. And i put something new. As I do tibetans in the morning, I included some Yoga in the evening, Kundalini Yoga to be precise

Dr. Joe

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There was no school, teachers were on strike again, asking for higher salaries. That strike colided with everyone in my family getting sick: my wife and all of the kids. So I had to do everything on my own, but Hof and meditations were keeping me healthy.  Btw, I subscribed to Gaia channel on YouTube, just because they had dr. …

Toyota C-HR

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Back in April this year, I was looking for something on YouTube when an ad popped up, saying: “Do you wanna test drive the new Toyota RAV 4?“, so I said yes and filled in all the needed information. I really wanted to test drive that car, and enjoy that new car smell, so I arranged a meeting and went …

High creatinine

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The high creatinin level that showed when I went for a check up last time made me nervous. I googled it and saw that I have have been showing one symptom: diarrhoea. Since I wasn’t able to stop it, even with charcoal, I had had it for two weeks prior to the chek up. Then I finally made some drastic …

a nurse with MS

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I went to hospital for both a blood and a urine test. What an experience. The lab where they take samples was closed due to some construction work, but because the nurse is a family friend of many years, she got me in and had another nurse take my blood sample. So I gave this nurse my referall which says …