My name is Sebastian, I have Multiple Sclerosis and I enjoy my life.

There are many things that I wanted for myself in life I am grateful that I got them.
I always wanted to have a beautiful wife. I struggled to win her over, but I did it.
I always wanted to have a lot of kids. That was not a struggle, more of a pleasure, but I got that, too.
I fantasized about playing with my kids, chasing them around and being silly – and I get to do that.
I  always wanted to work out, and be in good shape, hang from the bars like a monkey and now I am doing exactly that (especially the monkey part).
I always wanted to enjoy the present, instead of worrying about tomorrow.

When I got MS, I changed the way I eat, meaning: I started to eat healthily. My wife was the one working and I was a stay-at-home Dad, so I started to cook. I am glad because of that because I cook healthy meals for my family.
A friend asked me once, “OK, let’s say you get better, what then? Would you change anything in your life?” As a matter of fact, I live my life like I always wanted to and MS made it happen. MS was what bitchslapped me and guided me to find the right way of living.