The Freedom Festival protest

sebalj wellbeing

Since COVID-19 appeared, unprecedented measures which restrict fundamental rights and freedoms have been imposed, and our goal is to preserve the achievements of a democratic society in which one cannot tolerate decision making based on panic and propaganda or on copying instead of examining”

This was a call to the The Freedom Festival protest, in response to coronavirus prevention measures in Croatia.

I talked to my sister in law Kristina, she wanted to go, as did I, so we went. We parked two tram stations from the main square (where the festival was held) because it was all closed off for traffic. So I had to walk for quite a bit, and had to sit down to regain my strength once we got there.

While I was sitting and resting, Tina made some videos:

It was nice to see all so many people who think as you do… You think that you are alone, but you’re not.

And imagine, no one at the protest got corona, all those people without masks on.