Summer Holidays

sebalj wellbeing

I went to Rtina again. It was nice to see so many people, just swimming and sunbathing without fear. My kids were so happy, swimming and jumping, they also had a nice time.

I also went  down to Pag to do my 2 minute hanging challenge. I mustered up the courage and went for an adventure all by myself. When I arrived, I saw that they did some remodelling, so I parked on the new parking lot which was a little longer walk for me. It was very hot, over 30 degrees Celzius. I managed to walk all the way, but when I came to the spot where I was gonna do the challenge, there were a lot of tourist, but no hanging bar😉 So I just decided to take a dip in he sea, to cool down a bit and get my body straight. But I became very unstable. After 15 minutes in the water, I went around to check what had happened o the hanging bar. Apparently, due to Coronavirus, they were not expecting any tourists so the bar was never set up again. Maybe that was the Universe telling me that I am not ready yet.😉

I took a week off from my weight exercises and decided to do some stretching instead