Dark night of the soul

sebalj health, wellbeing

It is very confusing what’s been happening to me. I got used to being tired all the time, but to get another MS symptom like tingling in the left part of my body has totally shocked me. I have never ever had any symptoms in the left part of my body until now. When I first noticed, my thoughts were all scattered – what the hell is going on?

At first I thought that was happening because I stopped with the vitamin D supplements (8 months ago), but I could do that without much problems because I  workout and walk.

Another thing that came with the tingling was dizziness and coordination/balance problems. Those struck me hard. I fell twice, the first time was no big deal, but the second one left some scratches on my hand and elbow.

Everyone in the house thought it was another earthquake. From now on, no sudden changes in direction😉