Wow, the last couple of months…

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Wow, the last couple of months here in Zagreb… The t-shirt says it all.

25/2 covid 19

28/2 a meteor explodes

19/3 quarantine/lockdown start

22/3 earthquake 5.5 ML

23/3 snow

27/3 a cloud of polluted dust


May we live to tell the tale

Earthquake (22/3)

After the earthquake, everyone in the entire street was outside in the cold, also my wife took the kids and went outside, but I stayed indoors. I don’t know why or how, but I wasn’t afraid at all.

You could still feel those aftershocks for a while afterwards, and everytime when one happened I glanced at my wife only to see her in a ready stance.

23/3 snow

27/3 a cloud of polluted dust

On the day when they recorded these high levels of air pollution I went for my usual walk, geez it was so hard to breathe that evening.

Apparently this is what caused it