sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

8:30 wake up 

Meditate and breath with Hof

13 pull-ups

Make my juice

13 pull-ups


Shave my head

13 pull-ups

Cook lunch that the kids simply adore – creamy chicken

13 pull-ups

5 Tibetans

13 pull-ups

By noon, I only ate two pieces of bread with salami, and skipped the shower

13:00 lunch

Rafael goes to school

Playing with Zoja at home

15:00 another 13 pull-ups

Pick up Gita from school

13 pull-ups

Coffee break


Breathing with Hof, this time, I know to use  it from time to time, to get me back on track (on my healing journey)

13 pull-ups

20 min walking

13 pull-ups

Kundalini yoga

13 pull-ups

Cold shower

Dinner and leisure time