sebalj health, wellbeing, workout

7:00 wake up

Make my favourite juice (ingredients: an orange, an apple, a lemon, half of grapefruit, and some ginger)

Take Gita to daycare

Meditate and breathe with Hof

(only) 5 Tibetans

Cold shower for 5 minutes

Start prepping lunch  (kids wanted beans)


Leisure time*


Rafael goes to school, Zoja stays at home still sick

A 1 hour nap

15:15 alarm ringing

Make some coffee, pick Gita from daycare

Have some coffee and bread wih jam, honey, nuttella

Meditating and breathing with Hof

30 push-ups, 10 biceps curls with 20 kg weights, 10 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RINgyDdumvs , 10 triceps curls with 20 kg weights, 15 squats, repeat all three times

Kundalini yoga

20 min walking

Cold shower

Dinner and leisure time…

*The car accident I was in last year really changed me. For year and a half, I have been on this journey of spiritual awakening. I can see now how much I raised my vibration, and there is no going back. When I had the accident, I started to follow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48MclMZIY_EaOQwatzCpvw  (He had 290k followers back then, nowadays he has more than 830k.)

The reason I mention this is a phase that I am in right now: ascension fatigue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDXQEdr4Grw It is not the same as MS fatigue, because I can do my workouts. It means that laying down is not an option, because if I just sit down I feel completley exhausted. I have to be actively doing something all the time.