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7:00 kids and I wake up (wife is long gone to work)

13 pull-ups

Kids having breakfast while I empty the dishwasher (which is not that small)

13 pull-ups

Taking the youngest one (Gita) to daycare, Zoja and Rafael are home, sick

Come back home

13 pull-ups

I lay down and meditate, the second week with and breathe with Hof, while listening


“Ho’oponopono is the most POWERFUL Healing Process I have ever found. The MAGIC of this Meditation will completely change your life forever.” I have noticed 

13 pull-ups

5 Tibetans

13 pull-ups

Cold shower for 5 minutes

After 11.00 Breakfast

Prepare lunch

13 pull-ups before eating


30-60 minutes of rest, even shut-eye

Get up

13 pull-ups

Make some coffee, pick Gita from daycare

Have some coffee and bread wih jam, honey, nuttella

Short break, and meditating

Breathe with Hof, while listening

(My masseur is also ill, I am usually having a massage around 7 p.m. on Mondays)

13 pull-ups

20 minutes of walking

13 pull-ups

Kundalini yoga

13 pull-ups

Cold shower

Dinner and leisure time…