Toyota C-HR

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Back in April this year, I was looking for something on YouTube when an ad popped up, saying:

“Do you wanna test drive the new Toyota RAV 4?“, so I said yes and filled in all the needed information. I really wanted to test drive that car, and enjoy that new car smell, so I arranged a meeting and went there. When I came to the dealership, the guy that I was emailing with asked me for my driver’s licence. He took it and walked away. While I was looking at the vehicle, he came back and told me that my driver’s licence has expired. Geez, that meant I had to go get my eyes checked again. But I did get it renewed.

The other day a Toyota C-HR ad popped up. It’s a hybrid and an automatic, I sure wanted to try it out. I drove an automatic before, but never electrical. I arranged everything for atest drive and went to the dealership.  While test driving I drove into some small streets and there I realized what the problem is with electric cars when I found myself I was driving behind a guy who was on foot. I slow down and had to just drive behind him because he didn’t hear me at all! I was only able to move on once he turned into anohter side street. He didn’t even notice I was behind him. Generally, I was amazed with the car, mostly with the thing that I was able to do it all: to go there, to drive the car, to mingle… what a huge progress.