a nurse with MS

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I went to hospital for both a blood and a urine test.

What an experience. The lab where they take samples was closed due to some construction work, but because the nurse is a family friend of many years, she got me in and had another nurse take my blood sample. So I gave this nurse my referall which says what to check for, and as she was curious, I told her that I have MS and I am taking vitamin D.

“Really? Me too.“, she said and showed me the gloves on her hands: “I have to wear them so I can feel my hands and the needle.“

She looked about 15-20 years older than me. She has six children and she got MS some seven years ago due to huge stress of getting a divorce.

I wasn’t anxious while she was putting the needle in my arm. On the contrary, I was very pleased with her company and a great conversation. As it happens to me every now and then when I meet new people –  this encounter also “had to have happened”, especially knowing that I came for the tests during the one month a year she actually works. She even complimented me that I look more like an athlete than a guy with MS. (Btw, these days I have shifted to strenght exercizes https://www.painscience.com/articles/strength-training.php and my weight came down to 83 kg (183 lb).)

Eventually, my test results came back fine, except for creatinin which rose till the upper limit https://www.medicinenet.com/creatinine_blood_test/article.htm