Summer holidays

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I returned from a great holiday.

First I spent ten days in Rtina with my family and it was great. I saw great progress since the last time I was there a couple of years ago. That last time I only managed to walk from the beach to the house once. This time around, we left the car at the house, unpacked, and went to the beach on foot. The relatives with whom we were staying were so baffled by me walking to the beach because we always used to go by car. Well, now I went to the beach on foot twice a day, every day. First thing after waking up, I would meditate, then breathe 5 tibetans, and take a cold shower. Then I’d have my breakfast. Since the Sun is pretty strong in Croatia, we followed recommendations and went to the beach from 10 AM till 1 PM. After lunch fjaka sneaks up on everyone ( The second trip to the beach happened around 5 PM till 8 PM.

After the seaside, my wife and kids dropped me off in Posedarje where my Dad was spending time with his youngest brother and sister (my uncle and aunt are twins). I spent another ten days there.It felt even more like a real vacation, becasue for the first time in ten years, I was there without the kids. It was a longer walk to the beach, but I still managed. After getting to the beach, I’d just throw my towel down and jump into the sea.Going back to the house, I’d go straight for a cold shower in the garden.

I had so much fun & laughter. My Dad and his siblings may be 20+ years older then me, but I am not a little helpless kid anymore. I was competing with my aunt in who will wash the dishes. She beat me, she did it more times than I did 😉 My uncle bought an electric bicycle to ride around the village. I had to try it. It was nice, I managed not to fall.

By the way, during the vacation, I went with this meditation It was very nice, a little different but intense, I felt tingles.