Altitude training

sebalj vacation, wellbeing, workout

I have been on a four weeks vacation at the summer house with my family. Great vacation, and although it was awfully hot, I managed to see my progress. Since I’ve been in exercise mode the last couple of years, I had to continue with it under that hot weather. I was a little shaky, but on the upside, the heat helped me sweat more. 

In the morning, after the breathing I have a lot of strength, so I manage to do all kinds of things till 5 pm, but then I am completely exhausted. I lie down somewhere, relax and do my breathing to fill my body with oxygen and afterwards I do my workout. My body also adapted to cold water quite well, and I enjoy it. 

My progress is huge: a couple of years ago, I could barely walk around the summer house in this kind of heat –  I would spend the entire day indoors, and only go outside to sit on the porch in the evenings. It was like altitude training for athletes. But now, after coming home to Zagreb I was more flexibile and it was easier to do the exercises. 

I took the kids to the park recently and ran into a friend who was there with her kids. She was very excited to see me – “My God, what happened to you, where were you, you look so healthy!“ That was good to hear, cause not only I am happy to see my progress myself, but it means a lot when others notice it, too.