Easter break

sebalj health, vacation, wellbeing

We spent the kids’ Easter breakĀ  from school at house at the countryside.

The kids were enjoying themselves so much: jumping on the trampoline, catching butterflies, screaming as loud as they could at the forest which turned into a contest who has the loudest voice, especially because they echo in the forest. One of the neighbours stopped by with some baby rabbits and you know the kids and animals… For days afterwards I was listening to how wonderful the rabbits are, and how we should get some, too. Not one, but some!

I emptied my D vitamin suplements bottle the day before leaving for the countryside, and I forgot to pack the new one, so I had to go the whole week without vitamin D. There was not much to do about it, so I just relaxed, even though I haven’t had a pause with D since I started taking it. I even did my excercises while away. I have to say, it was great doing my meditations in places I usually imagine while I’m meditating in Zagreb. I felt great being able to walk all around, and I could clearly see my progress.

You know how I believe everything happens at the exact right time it’s supposed to… this popped up:

and this

These are now my new mantras andĀ  inspiration during the WH breathing for the week.