Shift to circuit training

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My tempo these days is unbelievable. I don`t have any time for procrastinating!  But I am so happy that I can handle the change in pace. I lowered my vitamin D intake, I am back on 50,000 IU per day, during the winter I was taking 80,000 IU per day. My weight stopped at 85,5 kg, so I ended with strenght exercises, and shifted to circuit training. My mother thinks I am skinny, but I just started with my aerobic exercises, I wonder how I’ll look to her in a couple of months.

There’s one thing in my morning routine that I have also changed: after my meditations, I start with my Hof breathing, but  I don`t listen to those binaural beats any more. Instead, I started listening to some motivations, like these three I’m sharing for when my kids get older, to remember what motivated their dad to feel better and stronger.

“First thing I do when I wake up is number one is: I smile”

When I do my evening meditation and breathing, then I go with something from the mix