Monday rocks

sebalj massages, wellbeing

I am babysitting again.

The car accident I was in in July last year was a huge crossroads in my life. Since then, this has been my daily routine:

7 am wake up.


Breathing with Hof, making my fabulouos juice.

This is when the kids are starting to wake up.  It’s just them and me ( Mom’s is working a lot these days,  at least that’s what she says ;)). I make them breakfast, and while they eat I exercise. After I drop my youngestoff at the kindergarden,  I finish my juice and I do my five tibetan rites, hit a cold shower  and then I eat breakfast myself.

Next: cooking lunch and hanging the laundry to dry.

While I make lunch, I paralelly exercise. I am still on the strenght exercise (no sweating) so I also have some time to play memory  with my kids who go to school in the afternoon, and to check their homework.

After we eat lunch, the other two kids go to school, and to take I can get some rest until 3pm. Then I pick up the youngest from kindergarden.

Around 7pm I go get my massage, there’s some leisure time with the family after dinner, and off to bed.

I do this every day with a smile on my face. When I think of how I was before – sitting or lying down all day, only able to do one workout during the whole day and nothing else – everything seems pretty great right now!