Cocoa mug

sebalj wellbeing

Watch out what happens when I open my kitchen cabinet:

Suddenly the rush of joy and happiness goes through my body. I put this photo on a mug for her birthday. She is my second child, and first daughter. This is a mug for her morning cocoa.

But, being a female child, she was furious: “Why didn’t you put a nicer photo of me? Why that one were I only have one tooth?” I tried to explain to her that the picture reminds me of the time she was so happy and joyful that she almost destroyed that crib. That picture evokes a lot of happy memories for me and every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face. “Don’t you want your dady to smile?”, I asked her.

She was very satisfied with that answer, and now she drinks her morning cocoa with a big smile on her face.