sebalj health

I went to the hospital yesterday, to have the MR I mentioned a little while ago. It was very interesting this time. So far, I have my results from the previous MR, so I can see if there’s been progress. I’m especially interested, and anxious about the new results because I’ve been breathing with Hof for over a year now. I was also breathing while lying in the MR machine. Going home afterwards, I felt a bit lightheaded, but healthy and I walked without limping, but with a smile on my face. I was pretty happy with how it went, even though I won’t get the results until 10 days from today. Fingers crossed!

With the change of exercise, I also changed my sports supplements, which means I’m back on true focusĀ  (l-tyrosine) and tri aminos (l-lysine). Generally, I really feel great these days, maybe it has to do with the weather being colder…