Blood and urine….

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So, my regular blood and urine checkup was due. I am able to handle collecting urine for 24 hours much better now. I was actually able to stand and pee in the container, which is a huge step for me, since I am used to peeing sitting down. That good feeling has been really keeping my spirits up the last couple of years, and all I can see is improvement. The results are better than the last time they tested my blood and urine half a year ago. I could “blame” Hof and his breathing.

Soon I’ll be having an MR, and I’m hoping to see better results as well, and evidence of my body regenerating.

After the push-up challenge, I started with the strength exercises. I also started doing planks after breathing, instead of push-ups. So I was pretty confused when I realized that I gained 1kg (I weigh 83kg nowadays), but my boxer shorts were so loose they were starting to slide down. My belly became flatter. I think it is the planks.

In other news, there is not much news: I am still at home, with no job. Well, my job is to take care of the kids: school, kindergarten, making meals….

I enjoy that role quite a lot, actually. I also find some time for myself, and and to spend time with my YouTube friends Aaron Doughty, Jake Ducey, Ralph (Infinite Waters).