Challenge Accomplished

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Today is the day I completed  that 30 days push-up challenge.

There are a few people I need to thank for this:

Dr. Cicero Coimbra, who introduced me to vitamin D protocol. If you have been following my blog, you probably know he made my life so much easier.

Wim Hof, who introduced me to his breathing method and made me more powerful and durable. During the challenge, three times a day I was filling my lungs and muscles with O2, and my brain with beautiful thoughts. It is not necessary to breathe three times a day, but I had the time, and I just love the buzzing feeling in my head.

Aaron Doughty‘s morning meditation really helped me imagine the intention of  doing the push-ups, and the intension of me walking through the neighborhood.

I am also thankful for not feeling any muscle pain, I only took one painkiller during the whole month of my challenge.

So, beside the push-ups, I started doing 20-minute walks. The key for me is to walk fast, because if I walk slowly, it is hard for me to walk straight, I just basically zig-zag.

When I first started my blog, I posted a photo of a glass with “Zdravlje” (“Health”) written on it by my wife. The glass broke the other day, but my wife had decorated some new glasses with positive messages, this one in particular has golden letters which I got from her after completing the challenge.