The first week….

sebalj health, workout

The first week of 300 push-ups per day is over.

I don’t feel any pain in my muscles, but some kind of mild urinary retention is happening again.

Because of that my mind was racing all night, it took me back to a few years ago when I had insomnia due to bladder issues, as well.

A friend of mine who also has MS called me and said he can’t take the tremors anymore, so he”s gonna check himself in the hospital to get some corticosteroids, which, weirdly enough, put me at ease a bit. I realized I had just been through a long, hot summer. Plus, I know that with my regular workout, the pushups were putting too much pressure on my body, and my bladder is reacting. So I think I’ll stop the regular workout and continue with the push ups for now.