Long pebble beach

sebalj vacation, wellbeing

So this weekend I finally went down to Pag to do my 2 minute hanging challenge, but the bar was no longer there, being the end of the season and all.

You will always be in the right place at the right time, says Aaron in one of his meditations.

It is not the right time, I will wait, but I am satisfied, plus for the first time.

I visited Zrće https://www.zrce.com/ , a very famous Croatian party beach. I was there during the day, it was pretty cool to have a cup of coffee with my favourite uncle who got me do the challenge in the first place. He is a former judo fighter and retired member of special police forces.


We were watching people bungee jump and hoverboard (I was not interested). Around 4 p.m. the music got a lot louder, so we went to have a swim instead. (A couple of other famailies with small kids decided to leave the partying to others, too.)

I am also satisfied because I walked through Zrće and did some sightseeing. I breathed in the car on our way to Zrće, therefore my lungs and muscles were filled with oxygen so I could hang, but instead I just walked through a terrain that was not that flat, and I’m sure you people who have MS know what it’s like to even walk on a pebbly beach.