Something old, something new…

sebalj vacation, wellbeing

I am back home from the remarkable three weeks at the weekend house, and then a Croatian island – . It was my first time at the island of Pasman, and it was amazing.

We were situated on Ždrelac, which is in a hilly part with lots of green trees and bushes, but not very close to the beach. It was hot during the day, but it was okay to sleep during the night without having the AC on.

We went to the beach twice a day: in the morning and then again in the late afternoon (around 5), after lunch and resting. It was not possible to take the car down to the beach, so we would take a 10 minute walk over there, and then back, like I said, twice a day in hot weather. I was able to do it, but only after some Hof breathing and cold a shower. I also carried a bottle of cold water with me so I could splash it on my face and stand the heat better.

I ended up not going to Pag to do that 2 min hanging challenge this time around, but I still want to do it sometime. The last few days on the island my wife had had an ear infection. She was in pain for a few days, but we stopped to see the doctor on the way to the cottage. I can still hear in my head a part of meditation you will always be in the right place at the right time…  So the challenge will wait…

So after enjoying the seaside, I was surprised to get to the cottage to find out what an innovative artists my mother has become, and my Dad’s been a real handyman craftsman.

Nothing ever happens at the cottage, it’s like time stands still. You can lay and just listen to the clouds moving. I did one of Aarons meditations there, which is a place I usually imagine during my meditations.