Mending with Hof

sebalj health, wellbeing

Breathing with Hof is magnificent.

I just lie down, put on some music and relax.

First three breathings I have rain techno party

And for the next three breathings I use sth else, some of these

My eyesight is much better (people around me are telling me that…). When I feel tired and my eyesight just goes doublesight, I just take few deep breaths and my eyes become normal and my general condition is great, especially now, during the very hot weather. Can`t wait to see my condition in October 😉

I started to do planks after breathing. Beacuse I have been doing pushups for the last 3 months (even more than 100 per day ),

I have to give my breast some rest 😉

I haven`t talked about cold showers after the breathing and push-ups. They are amazing…

No more holding for bars in the shower cabin, and when i get out, I don`t have to hold for anything I am quite stabile.