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I went to see my friend Filip.
He also has MS, he got it after he got over Hodgkins  – more on this link.

He showed me this thing he wants to buy, something he dreams about:

Obviously, I never ended up in a wheelchair like he did, but I can see how this would be very helpful.

I am sharing this because I want to share all the information about fighting MS with him, and with you. If you have it, you are the one who needs to try different approaches. We all act differently to medications, so you have to fight it your own way, I am just trying to make it easier for you by providing options and suggestions.

On a more personal note, my wife, kids and I went to see my cousin who gave a birth couple of months ago. Her backyard is huge and very rugged terrain. Last year when we were there, the kids were picking raspberries and currants, this year I had to do it. And I did it without getting tired – huuuuuuuge success!