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I’ve been breathing with the Hof technique for a couple of weeks now.
On the days that I am resting (not working out), I do 50 pushups after breathing, 3-4 times a day (meaning, 200 pushups on my “resting” day).
I’m very satisfied with the results of breathing, I think my challenge would actually be doable: the spinning pull up bar challenge, where you basically have to hold on for 2 minutes.

In Croatia, they set up one of these bars in a coctail bar on the coast, so I might make that 4-hour ride my summer road trip!
I tried a fixed bar at my friend`s place once. I was holding on in a chin-up position, because my legs are to long for me to just hang – I lasted 27 seconds, what a fail. Then I went to breathe for a couple of rounds and hit the bar again.
I had lost track of time while holding on, when the crew that was there started to cheer… 49 seconds the second time around, WOW!

Maybe till August I will also lose a few kgs. I’m at 83 kg now, on my definiton workout with lots of sweating.