Win Hof Method

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I had only heard about him before, but after watching this, obviously he got to me…
I’ve been using his method for a week now and I can see a difference: more strenght, more stamina. When I start to breathe I am so anxious to finish it, but after first round I feel that anxiety is fading, and after the third round, I want to breathe more. After 5,6 rounds I go to do tibetan rites and then some push-ups.
Then I hit the cold shower.
It’s great, I don’t feel the fatigue caused by the warm weather, and I can shower twice a day, which is a huge difference from when I had hot showers twice a week.
My exercises are much easier after this treatment. I feel much stronger and calmer.
My bladder is on an entirly new level. I have to pee only once a night – that is the most amazing thing that happened to me. First I thought that I wasn’t drinking enough water. When it was the same thing next day, I realized I did drink the usual amount of water. WOW.